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The vertical turbine pump

How do vertical turbine pumps work?

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How do vertical turbine pumps work?

Vertical turbine pumps usually feature an AC electric conduction motor or diesel engine with right angle drive. At the other end of the pump, below ground, there’s typically one rotating impeller that directs well water into a bowl, or diffuser casing.

In multi-stage configurations, the vertical turbine pump will have multiple impellers on the same shaft. This creates higher pressure that’s required for deeper wells or situations where higher pressure is needed at the ground level.

Vertical turbine pumps engage as water enters the pump through the suction bell, a bell-shaped component at the bottom of the pump. At this stage, the water enters the first impeller, which raises its velocity. Then, the water reaches the diffuser bowl, which converts high-velocity energy into high pressure. The diffuser bowl allows the fluid to flow to the next impeller, then the entire process continues throughout all stages of the pump.

Once the water leaves the final diffuser bowl, it makes its way toward the surface, passing through a long pipe as it travels up the well bore. This part of the pump features a spinning shaft that’s supported with sleeve bushings inside the column. The water lubricates the bushings as it flows past, finally reaching the pump discharge head. As the water reaches the surface, the flow can change directions toward the discharge pipe where it finally leaves the pump.

Now that you understand what a vertical turbine pump is and how it works, you’ll have a better idea of whether it’s the right pump for your water treatment facility. Learn more by contacting Enviro-Line Co., Inc. today. We’ll direct you to the right pumps and other components for your specific treatment applications.

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